Repurposed Lighting Ideas For A Shabby Chic Home

Few old stuff has been amazingly transformed into the best lights for your dining room. You can easily create it at home.

The bulbs inside a cage shows the unique use of lighting ideas. This unique idea is followed by everyone for sure.

Seems that too much used and old tin material has been used to make this lamp. This is quite wonderful despite looking old.

Old bottles can have variety of uses but this one is marvelous. The bulbs and other lights inside bottles always attract people.

These two flower-like lights are also giving us goals to recreate the old stuff into the lights. No doubt about the perfect look of these two things.

Lamp or guitar? Well, this is inventive idea to decorate your side walls with both of these things.

The part of this old iron equipment has been turned into a bulb. This is undoubtedly an intelligent use of it.

Fan isn’t working, then no problem. Get another use of it. Honestly, the four lights inside a fan are looking awesome.

Pumpkin lights never get older. You can decorate your place with these lights every time when you love to have them.

Jug of juicer and blender is now being used in such a useful way. If your jug isn’t working, then go for this unique use of it.