10 Modern Stylish DIY Shelving Ideas

10 Modern Stylish DIY Shelving Ideas

Among variety of shelving ideas, this is the one best to store and decorate different items. The color of the rack is also amazing.

The small wooden shelf made for storing the wine bottles or whatever you can place. this is small but looks elegant.

Shelves made from the old chair shows the great use of unused stuff. Now, you don’t have to throw the old chairs and use them in such a way.

The rack based on multiple shelves is looking matchless for storing variety of things. Every home should have this rack for sure.

The old red tin board has got great use. Someone has fixed few shelves in it to make it more useful.

Old guitars are not useless. The best way to reuse old guitars is shown in this image. You can also decorate your wall in this way.

The piano and pack in one wall hanging décor are looking commendable. It’s better to use the decorative and useful wooden stuff for your home.

These wooden square pieces have been fixed in the wall through a perfect way. Every piece is a shelf to decorate the variety of things.

Looks old but quite useful shelf to keep and hang the cups and mugs. Your kitchen must have such useful item.

Well, this is quite superb decoration item every home should have. The one side of tables are attached together in it.